Monday, October 6, 2008

Jungle Java

We found a new place to take the kiddos called Jungle Java. What a fun place for kids to run, jump, climb and just be kids. Came home and finally did a layout! Yeah!! I'm excited because my daughter asked me to design a paper for Jungle Java that she could use for her layouts. I did and then decided to ask the owner of JJ if they would like to buy my papers and sell them at their location, they said yes!!! So here is the unveiling of the newest paper in the My Town Series complete with my own layout!


Pam said...

I saw the paper irl and it is so cute! Great layout too! Congrats on the new paper

Margaret said...

That is so Awsome!!
Congrats On your new design.

One Big Happy said...

Wow--very cool! I can't wait to see your paper and hear more about Jungle Java!