Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Guess Who's Walking!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lots going on

What a week it was. On the 10th was my dear grandson Jonathan's 13th birthday. He is so artistic. He plays guitar, piano and clarinet! A one man band! On the 12th was my bd, plus Easter.

We had huge plans to bbq in the backyard while the hubby and sons in laws worked on remodeling the tree house, which was originally built in 1999 by Brandon (15) and Jonie (13). At the time they were 5 and 3! I have wonderful pictures of them helping Papa build this tree house.

Well as luck would have it, we were forcasted with a 70% chance of rain, so we cancelled the bbq and tree house repair and went to dd#1's house for dinner. We all had alot of fun and are still looking forward to remodelling.

My dear grandaughter wanted a "neat" name for the treehouse so we came up with "4 Pirates and a Princess". We have 4 grandsons and only 1 grandaughter so she thought this was a great name! Dear sil#2 painted up a skull and crossbones to add to the decor! Now we need a princess crown or something to add to it. I can't wait until we are all done with it so I can post some layouts with the then and now pictures.
Papa is even talking about duplexing up to a higher level in the tree house. We'll see!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can scrapbooking Hurt??

You betcha! If you are foolish enough to bend over the wrong way to pick up a ribbon box! That's what I did Sunday evening while scrapping with my dear friend Patti. Actually I was finishing making one Easter card and never did use the ribbon afterall!

I leaned over the side of my chair to pick up my ribbon box and felt a "pull" in my lower back. It went from a minor discomfort that night to being barely able to move this morning.

I have been trying to "self medicate" with tylenol (useless) anacin (not so much) motrin (works the best but not enough) to using a topical pain medication called "Blue Emu Oil" gives a nice fuzzy warm feeling but doesn't help for too long.

I broke down and talked to my doctor today and she is prescribing some muscle relaxants and pain pills ( I hate pain pills but will take them if I REALLY REALLY REALLY feel like I need them). She is concerned that if I don't take care of this now that it'll linger on until our trip at the end of this month. So that was the deciding factor to get help!

BUT... I will not let a little ribbon box stop me from scrapping... no siree....I still need to make Easter cards for the grand kiddos! Wish me luck! LOL

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here's Jamie

At the beginning of the year I posted that I wanted to show a layout a week for 2009. Well "It ain't gonna happen" haha but..

A couple of months ago my dear friend Pam (of Heart of Texas Studios) made me this pciture frame album called Jamie. Thanks Pam! I have been working on this book about Jamie and finally have it finished, so I'll post pictures of the pages.

I had alot of fun trying some different techniques. I quilled a butterfly, I used alchol inks on metal letters, I embossed a metal strip and covered a rocket ship, I painted, sanded and even got to use bling on a robot! I used a photo flip technique to show how he ate a cupcake and the mess he made. Priceless! I know there are sooooo many products and techniques out there to learn and work with. This time I decided to only use the things I had on hand and I think I did pretty good. So here's Jamie.............................