Thursday, April 9, 2009

Can scrapbooking Hurt??

You betcha! If you are foolish enough to bend over the wrong way to pick up a ribbon box! That's what I did Sunday evening while scrapping with my dear friend Patti. Actually I was finishing making one Easter card and never did use the ribbon afterall!

I leaned over the side of my chair to pick up my ribbon box and felt a "pull" in my lower back. It went from a minor discomfort that night to being barely able to move this morning.

I have been trying to "self medicate" with tylenol (useless) anacin (not so much) motrin (works the best but not enough) to using a topical pain medication called "Blue Emu Oil" gives a nice fuzzy warm feeling but doesn't help for too long.

I broke down and talked to my doctor today and she is prescribing some muscle relaxants and pain pills ( I hate pain pills but will take them if I REALLY REALLY REALLY feel like I need them). She is concerned that if I don't take care of this now that it'll linger on until our trip at the end of this month. So that was the deciding factor to get help!

BUT... I will not let a little ribbon box stop me from scrapping... no siree....I still need to make Easter cards for the grand kiddos! Wish me luck! LOL

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Day Scriber said...

Oh Marie!
Dang that ribbon box! Take care of yourself. Pain is no fun at all, But traveling with pain - EXPLETIVES!!!!!

Take care!