Friday, December 26, 2008

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Haven't blogged in awhile due to getting ready for the holidays, graduation, etc.

Here are a couple of photos from our last all day scrappy. We didn't do a group shot until later in the day and most of the ladies had already left. It was a day where everyone "came and went" all day long! We had a lot of fun and got alot of projects done. We tried to make the last one of the year extrea special with packages made up for each person with paper made just for the occassion, stickers, stamps, tags, candy canes, santa forks, etc.

The best part of this event was that Lorrie was able to come and play with us! Made it feel like home. Hope she can make it to more of them in 2009.

Here is the photo of the "utensil" project I hinted about earlier. They were a big hit. Used them as small gifts for grab bags and friends. Enjoy.

I want to give a special Thank You to all of the ladies that donated products for door prizes: Pam Sivage of Heart of Texas Studios donated Acrylic Ligth bulbs, and a Santa word bloom, Jimmye Sue Mitchell of Texana Designs donated stamps and cards, Janet Bradshaw of Janet's Gems donated cards she made with the iris folding techniques, special tags, and of course I donated paper and stickers from My Town Papers!

I want to thank all of the ladies who have been so faithful with helping to clean up after the scrappies, Patti, Pam, Janet, Christy, Sally, Nancy and I am sure I'm forgetting someone and I apologize if I missed you, please know that it is greatly appreciated.

A Super Special Thank You to all of the ladies that attended. We collected 2 1/2 boxes of canned foods for the Round Rock Serving Center plus $50.00 cash. They were very appreciative.

A recap of what we were able to collect and donate this year:

September $60.00 for Red Cross,
October $90.00 for Make A Wish Foundation
November $100.00 for the Epidermylosis Bullosa Foundation
December $50.00 cash and 2 1/2 boxes of food for The Round Rock Serving Center.

Not only did we have fun but we helped make some families lives a little bit easier. Thank you ladies. WE have and AWESOME group!

And last but not least Patti, for all of the hard work she does to coordinate the food, emails, cleanups, etc. for all of the teasing she endures at each scrappy and for being my dearest friend. Love ya girl!

Can't wait for the 2009 scrappies to begin! Get your Christmas photos ready, I see lots of layouts being done in January!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are you ready

Are you almost ready for Christmas? I have been working on projects and can't wait to finish so I can upload some photos. I'll give ya a little hint.

Did you know that utensils can be used for things other than food? LOL

What is your favorite project for this holiday season?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I did it!

I am by NO means a techno geek. Whenever faced with a new challenge to do something (like a blog) or adding elements I usually freak out. But this time, I didn't call anyone to hold my hand or walk me through it. I did it (in the words of one grandson) By my own self! I added the Christmassy border. I think I may be creating a techno monster! Who knows what else I'll be adding as time goes by. LOL