Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a week... so far

So far, this week, my sister and I have babysat my 2 youngest grandchildren while my daughter went to Vegas! This is the first time she has left her children ever! Now I remember why God gives children to young people! The boys were great, but I am exhausted. Just keeping up with their energy was a feat! haha

My "newest" son in law had a birthday yesterday. Chris married Karin in July and whisked her away to Houston. Haven't had too much of an opportunity to get to know him real well, but so far we love what we see! (I think he's a keeper!) We didn't get to see him yesterday but we did call and tell him Happy Birthday. Next time they come to town we'll celebrate! Happy Birthday Chris!!!

Today is my sister Vicky's birthday. She turned 50! She is the one sitting and the smaller one in the standing photo.We took her to dinner last night and I had breakfast with her this morning. Happy Birthday Sis!

Tonight we are having some friends over to discuss the Bahai Faith. That is my religion and I love to share information about it.

Tomorrow I get to have lunch with a couple of my friends from Scrapbook Fever. Can't wait to catch up with what is going on in their lives.

All in all it has been a great week. Jamie is pulling himself up against the sofa and walking around it holding on, EVEN with his casts on. What a trooper. Anyday I see him tackling what I consider major obstacles with such ease, is a good day for me! Keep up the great work Jamie!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The casts are on

Went to Simply Pediatrics (SP) for Jamie at 6:30 am. He has the casts on and after talking to the doctor found out that he will keep these on for 2 weeks, get new ones put on for another two weeks, and then one more round of casts for 2 weeks for a total of 6 weeks. After that they will put him into braces that can fit into his shoes. I just want this to be over for the poor little guy. I want him to be able to walk and run like any other little boy.

He handled it pretty well. Had a melt down when the nurse first took him into the OR and again when he came out of recovery. But if I had gone through what he has gone through so far in his life, I'd have a melt down too. Once mama had him he calmed down prettty quick. Kept saying "OK, go bye bye".

I do have to say the staff at SP is great. MOST of the nurses and anesthesologist already know him and know about his EB and they are SO careful with him. God bless them.

What a difference a couple of hours makes! Jen just sent me these pictures of Jamie. Already he is Standing on the casts and trying to climb up onto the sofa. Bless his heart, this baby is not letting ANYTHING keep him down. Now if only his mama and I could adapt to his way of thinking. We can learn so much from these children.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have you ever felt...

Like saying something causes a jinx on the situation? That's what I'm feeling today. Yesterday was a really really bad day. The phone did not stop ringing and each call was bad news to some extent. I won't go into all the calls but the one that really hurt the most was about Jamie.

Jen took him to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday for a check up and they decided he needs to be re-casted. So tomorrow morning he goes in again to start the process all over. Once a week we will have to take him in to the hospital, put him under anesthesia, cut off the old cast and put on the new ones. We believe this will go on for at least 6 weeks. At which time he will then go back into the "boots and bars" which in itself has been a nightmare.

Jamie hates the boots and bars and has learned how to take them off all by himself. Each night Jen puts them on and each morning he has them off. We have consulted with the doctor and with the therapist who designs the boots on a system that works yet does not allow him to remove them. We figure at this point it will be up to us to design a system that will correct the club foot issue ourselves. I'm working on a design this week and then will try to have it made by the time the casts come off again. And get the approval and help of the doctor to implement it. Wish me luck.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Then and Now

My dearest baby grandson has come so far in his short 17 months. The old cliche " What a difference a day makes" is so true. Just 2 months or so ago he had aonther surgery and casts on his little legs. Today they are "all done" as Jamie says and he has shoes and is trying to walk. We always wondered if we would ever get to the point in time where we would see Jamie walk like any other 17 month old. Well I'm sharing pictures of him "then and now" Look out world here he comes!!!