Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a week... so far

So far, this week, my sister and I have babysat my 2 youngest grandchildren while my daughter went to Vegas! This is the first time she has left her children ever! Now I remember why God gives children to young people! The boys were great, but I am exhausted. Just keeping up with their energy was a feat! haha

My "newest" son in law had a birthday yesterday. Chris married Karin in July and whisked her away to Houston. Haven't had too much of an opportunity to get to know him real well, but so far we love what we see! (I think he's a keeper!) We didn't get to see him yesterday but we did call and tell him Happy Birthday. Next time they come to town we'll celebrate! Happy Birthday Chris!!!

Today is my sister Vicky's birthday. She turned 50! She is the one sitting and the smaller one in the standing photo.We took her to dinner last night and I had breakfast with her this morning. Happy Birthday Sis!

Tonight we are having some friends over to discuss the Bahai Faith. That is my religion and I love to share information about it.

Tomorrow I get to have lunch with a couple of my friends from Scrapbook Fever. Can't wait to catch up with what is going on in their lives.

All in all it has been a great week. Jamie is pulling himself up against the sofa and walking around it holding on, EVEN with his casts on. What a trooper. Anyday I see him tackling what I consider major obstacles with such ease, is a good day for me! Keep up the great work Jamie!

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