Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dear Grandson

We spent most of the day yesterday at the Simply Pediatrics outpatient clinic for my youngest grandson Jameson. Jamie needed to have his casts put back on. He was born with club feet. It was a hard decision and I think his mom was more distressed then he was. Jamie turned 1 in August.

While sitting in the waiting area we heard this awful screaming and sure enough it was Jamie, his mom went running to the recovery room (he needs to be put under for the casting and un-casting process due to a rare skin disease he was born with). Anyway, bless his little heart, he was completely distraught with waking up and seeing all these strangers standing over him. It took us awhile to calm him down.

Last time (he has had casts off and on from Dec. 2007 - July 2008) he was just learning to sit up and try to move around. Was not a happy camper being limited in his movements, so we were really concerned that this was going to be monumental now that he was trying to walk, crawled like maniac and pulled himself up on EVERYTHING!

Well the saying that "kids bounce back fast" is so true! By last night he was sitting up by himslef again and CRAWLING! With casts on both legs! He was his old laughing, smiling, chatting self again! Whew!!!! God Bless my baby boy! Pictures are comin!


Janet said...

Glad to hear he's already bouncing back. He's a real go getter and a cutie pie too. Good luck to all!

Pam said...

Good for him!! Kids are so tough and so smart to figure out ways to do things that would stump us!

Rose C said...

Awww... poor Jamie!

Good to read your "thoughts"! Hope you are well.