Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Alot of news about Ike hitting the Texas coast this weekend. I hope he slows down and does not cause alot of damage. The weather people are saying we'll get some severe weather up here in the Austin area.

We're planning on having an all day scrap at my church on Saturday. I know the weather will affect the turnout. This is a way for the Scrapbook Fever group of ladies to keep in touch. We all were so saddened by the closing and did not want to lose touch. It won't replace SBF but it will keep new friends in contact. Hopefully a little rain won't stop us! All I can say is "BRING UMBRELLAS"


i'd rather be on the beach said...

Ike?? Who's Ike??? And why is he trying to stop our crop???? Forget about the rain -- bring an umbrella and Be There!!!

Pam said...

Let's just hope for rain not storms!