Friday, May 29, 2009

Travels, birthdays, graduations, oh my!

I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted! So much has gone on, plus I really really hate to push Jamie's walking video down on the page! LOL!

Let's see. Where do I start? Probably with our trip to Haifa, Israel. WOW! What a trip. I have never gone anywhere for 9 days and felt like the time went faster than lightening! We got to see so many of the Bahai shrines and holy places, in Haifa starting with the Bahai Gardens. Interesting story here. The Israeli government worked with the Bahai's to literally move a street by 2 1/2 meters so the view would not be distracting! This photo is shot standing at the bottom of the gardens looking up . There were almost 600 stair up to the shrine and then another 600 or so steps up from the shrine to the top of the mountain. Each terrace was beautifully adorned with color coordinated flowers, shrubs, trees, fountains, etc.It was breath taking.
We took amost 700 pictures, so it is very hard to narrow down on which ones to publish here.

Upon our return home, we celebrated dear granddaughters 8th birthday. She picked dinner at a restaurant called Hao Hao's. Said that birthdays are special so you should eat at someplace more special than McDonald's or Gatti land! What a trip!

Dh's 1st daughters graduation from Sam Houson was the week after Mother's Day. She has a double major in Spanish and Criminology. It has been an interesting trek for her and I know she is going to do great things!

Dh's son came in from D.C. for a week to visit before he leaves the states. We celebrated his birthday and dh's birthday last week. He left this past Tuesday for DC and then on Wednesday, left for Warsaw, Poland. He will be on assignment there for the next 3 years! Told us to get something called Skype? We will be looking into it this weekend.

Today is Dh's official birthday. Happy Birthday honey! We went to IHOP for a brunch and laughed when we ordered off of the senior menu! LOL Went shopping for some new jeans, supplies from Sam's, a quick stop in Hobby Lobby and then home again. What a day.

Through all of this I found time to do a Baby word bloom for a shower I'm attending tomorrow. Just need a few finishing touches and then wrap it up.

My dear friend Pam made me a Bahai word bloom and is working on making a Haifa word bloom. I already picked out the paper today for the Haifa book it is My Minds' Eye Out & About series. Can't wait to start on that one. Will post pictures when it is done.
More later

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Pam said...

Marie, I think you really need to find something to do with your time:)