Thursday, January 22, 2009

Card Creation

I love making cards. I have always wanted to learn more about quilling, so I bought a book, found a design, took it to a crop last summer and spent about 5-6 hours creating this card. I loved the look but because of how long it took me to make it, I will NEVER give it out! ha. I keep it tacked to my message board so I can see it every day and decide IF I will ever do another detailed quilled card. I'm sure if I did keep creating cards with this technique, I would be able to whip them out in way less time but haven't attempted it again. What technique did you try "once" and not again because of labor?



Day Scriber said...

So cool!

One Big Happy said...

Quilling ;) Except that I did it as a project with my then 5 year old daughter! Talk about wanting to pull your hair out but needing to look cool as a cucumber at the same time :)

I do really appreciate those who can quill and I will leave them to it!

Gorgeous card, by the way.

Pam said...

I remember you working on that card at my house. It turned out wonderful.
I have tried the tea bag folding that Janet does so beautifully and I still don't understand why my don't look the same. Well OK I do, talent vs no talent in the paper folding department.:) She can fold and make beautiful cards and I will watch!

Linda McClain said...

Marie - It's a masterpiece! I've always been curious about quilling - it looks so beautiful. Sounds like I better leave it for the pros.